Scale Purposes


  • As well as scale type, scales are classified by the purpose for which they are used


  • Scales have generally been developed to support the need of specific industries or activities


  • Items as small as an atom to as large as a train, as unusual as a bowling ball to as common as an egg, all at one time or other need to be weighed


View examples of SCALES classified by PURPOSE

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APOTHECARY - to weigh drugs and medicine

Dr. Fitch's Prescription Weighing Scale Tortion Balance Apothecary Scale
Equal Arm Apothecary Scale


POSTAL - to determine postage due for letters and parcels

Marion Postal Scale Gorham Beehive Postal Scale
Perfection Postal Scale Steelyard Type Postal Scale
Aligarh Postal Workshop Scale French Roberval Postal Scale
J. Heuchen Liege (Belgium) Postal Scale


COIN - to ensure the coin has not been altered and retains its full value

American Coin Scale Bernstein Coin Scale
Triple Coin Rocker Scale European Coin Scale
Mittelstenscheid Coin Scale Fairbanks Counterfeit Coin Detector


AGRICULTURAL - these include Grain, Seed, Dairy and Egg scales

Eclipse Egg Grader Brower Chicken-Turkey Egg Scale
Chatillon Milk Scale Purina Milk Scale
European Grain Scale


TRADE - for general weighing of common goods

Buffalo Scale Company Candy Scale Chas. W. Brecknell Counting Scale
English Shop Scale by Parnall and Sons Chicago Scale Company 'Little Detecticve'
Eureka Scale by Chatillon Mancur Spring Scale
Toledo Computing Scale


JEWELER'S - to weigh gems and precious metals

J. P. Vienna Diamond Scale Diamond Scale by Degrave, Short & Co.
Traveling Jeweler's Scale


SCIENTIFIC - primarily used in laboratories for a multitude of purposes

Christian Becker Scale M. F. Patterson Dental Supply Co.
Webster Oil Dampered Powder Scale Grand Rapids Lumber Tester
Inspector's Balance Percent Moisture Content Scale
Solder Scale by Henry Troemner