ISASC offers this service to provide information on a particular scale such as type, weighing principle, manufacturer's name, period of origin, condition and estimated value.

Note: ISASC does NOT maintain or have access to original scale parts, parts lists, owner manuals, installation instructions, assembly drawings or schematics, model specifications or calibration procedures for any scale.

There is a $10.00 service fee per scale payable via PayPal.

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Please provide the following:

  1. Photograph(s) of scale
  2. Size of scale (width, depth, height)
  3. Markings on scale (name, patent date and number)


Service Fee(s)

ISASC is dedicated to antique scales and our expertise and archival material covers only such scales. We are unable to assist with inquiries concerning large modern commercial and industrial scales. If in doubt, please inquire first and do not send payment until it is determined that we can provide information pertaining to your scale.

Allow up to 30 days for response.


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ISASC cannot guarantee complete information on a given scale.