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 My Path to Collecting, Researching and Writing about Scales
 How I Started Collecting Scales
 The Journey of My Collecting
 Forbidden Fruit
 What Goes Around ...
 Scale Collecting: How It Became a Part of Me
 A Fish Tale – The One That Didn't Get Away
 It's a Scale, That's All I Knew
 Egg Scales: Focus of a Collection
 A Weighty Dilemma
 A Computing Scale: Yesteryear's Computer
 It Wasn't a Medical Necessity, But I Still Wanted One
 Our Swedish Scale
 Carters Standard: It's on 'The List'
 A Scale, a Friend, Fate and a Connection with the Past
 A Century-Old Letter Scale Comes to Life
 The Getreideprüfer Inspires a Collection
 My Simcox and Pemberton: Beauty and Memories
 Birthday Present that Started a Journey

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