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Universally Accepted Weighing Systems

Created during the French Revolution, the metric system was designed to meet the need for a single worldwide coordinated measurement system. All countries use the metric system to some degree. Some countries have adopted the metric system as their only legally recognized system, taking steps to eliminate the use of traditional measurements. Other countries use metric in conjunction with their traditional system.

Considered the English system, it had its origins in many cultures including Babylonian, Egyptian, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Norman.

The measurement system commonly used in the United States today is based on the system brought by the colonists from England, and although the two systems are similar, there are differences.

This measurement system is used for precious metals and some gemstones. In this system, the pound is divided into 12 ounces, the ounce into 20 pennyweights and the pennyweight into 24 grains.

The Avoirdupois system is used in everyday commercial transactions for weighing general goods. The avoirdupois pound is divided into 16 ounces and each ounce is divided into 16 drams.